Pink Hat brings you contemporary, stylish interior design with the emphasis on natural, reclaimed and sustainable materials, such as wooden flooring from sustainable timber, fabrics dyed using organic pigments, low-energy lighting, and VOC-free natural paints. In addition to the benefits to the environment these natural decorating products and furnishings also bring benefits to the homeowner.

During the decorating process there are no strong, toxic fumes - even when using gloss paint or floor varnish - and in the long-term there will be no leeching of dangerous substances into the environment from chemically treated fabrics and furnishings. This makes eco-decorating and design the ideal choice for everyone, but especially allergy sufferers, asthmatics, babies and the elderly.

So let Pink Hat refresh and renew your interior in a way that’s great for you
and the planet. From a fresh coat of paint to a total makeover, Pink Hat will be pleased to provide a free quotation and then carry out the work to a high
professional standard.